Miss Universe 2023: Women who broke stereotypes

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Devanjana Mukherjee, Khabri Media

In the 72nd Miss Universe pageant this year, contestants from 84 countries and territories competed against each other.

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The Miss Universe pageant has long been a platform for celebrating beauty, grace, and intelligence. However, in recent years, it has also become a powerful stage for women who defy stereotypes, challenge societal norms, and inspire millions around the world. To subscribe please click tau.id/2iy6f and access our live channel.

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This year Nicaragua’s Sheynnis Palacios has been announced as the winner of the 72nd Miss Universe 2023 title in a grand event that was held at the Jose Adolfo Pineda Arena in San Salvador, El Salvador on November 19 (according to IST). 

Thailand’s Anntonia Porsild made it to the top 3 as 2nd Runner-Up Miss Universe 2023 along with Australian Moraya Wilson taking the 2nd spot as 1st Runners-Up. Miss Thailand honours Malaa Yusoufzai for her struggle and achievements in her Final Question & Answer round meanwhile Miss Columbia stuns the crowd with her grace.

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Wonder Women Breaking Stereotypes

  1. At 28, Machete, a flight attendant, achieved a historic win by becoming the first transgender contestant to be crowned Miss Portugal in October 2023.
  2. Miss Netherlands, 28 years old model, became the second transgender individual to vie for the Miss Universe crown who passionately advocated for equality and denounced bullying based on her gender identity.
  3. Garnering attention, Garrett, 22, was lauded by some as Miss Universe 2023 first plus-size contestant, a recognition long overdue, according to fellow pageant contestants.
  4. As per the Voices of Change campaign video, contestants advocated for mental and hormonal health, stemming from the battle with depression due to PCOS.
  5. The 24-year-old made history as the first Miss Pakistan. Erika Robin, a model, actively battles gender bias and workplace inequality. She opted for a Burkini in a fully covered light pink loose gown in the swimsuit round.
  6. Miss Colombia Camila Avella is married with one child, making her the first married contestant, a mother of two, a model, the founder of a brand, and an entrepreneur. 
  7. Miss Guatemala Michelle Cohn is the first mother to participate in the Miss Universe 2023 pageant.

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In the past, beauty pageants were often criticized for placing too much emphasis on physical appearance. However, Miss Universe 2023 has seen a shift in focus, with contestants being celebrated for their intellect, achievements, and social impact. Many participants have broken the mold by actively engaging in social causes, advocating for education, environmental issues, and gender equality.

Miss Universe 2023 was crowned by Miss Universe 2022 – USA’s R’Bonney Gabriel – on stage as the crowd applauded the winner. The pageant was hosted by American television personality Jeannie Mai and Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo, apart from American television presenter Maria Menounos.

Following the swimsuit competition, the announcement for the Top 10 finalists were made and Shweta Shard from India in a bold glitter swimsuit did not qualify for the swimwear stage to proceed to the evening gown competition for the Miss Universe 2023.

The diverse representation, emphasis on intellect, empowered voices, promotion of body positivity, and defiance of cultural norms collectively make this edition a celebration of empowered women from around the globe.

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