ICC World Cup 2023: Taking a look behind the curtain

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Devanjana Mukherjee, Khabri Media

Beyond its symbolic significance, the event itself is a win, a gleaming testament to the sport’s grandeur, with meticulous attention to detail.

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In the realm of cricket, the pinnacle of achievement is undoubtedly clinching the ICC Cricket World Cup. As teams from around the globe vie for supremacy on the field, the coveted prize awaiting the triumphant squad is none other than the ICC World Cup 2023 trophy. To subscribe please click tau.id/2iy6f and access our live channel.

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At the heart of the trophy’s allure is its impressive weight – a staggering 11 kilograms. This formidable heft adds a tangible sense of gravitas to the trophy, elevating it beyond a mere symbol of victory to a physical embodiment of cricketing excellence.

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The meticulous craftsmanship involved in the creation of the trophy is a testament to the dedication of the artisans who bring this symbol of cricketing glory to life. Every curve, every contour, and every detail is carefully considered, resulting in a trophy that is not only an object of admiration but also a work of art.

From the initial concept to the final product, a team of skilled artisans invests countless hours to ensure that the ICC World Cup 2023 trophy not only meets the highest standards of craftsmanship but also encapsulates the spirit of the tournament. The trophy’s journey from the drawing board to the hands of the winning team is a story in itself.

Unsung Heroes of ICC World Cup 2023

Apart from the priceless trophy of ICC World Cup 2023, there are million of people behind the curtain working day-in day-out for the success of this event. Each participating team has its own support staff, including coaches, physiotherapists, analysts, and administrative personnel.

The ground staff is responsible for preparing and maintaining the playing surfaces. This includes pitch preparation, outfield maintenance, and ensuring that the venues meet international standards. A comprehensive broadcasting team is involved in bringing the matches to television and digital audiences globally.

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A cadre of volunteers is often engaged to assist with various tasks, including hospitality, crowd management, and other logistical aspects. Security personnel are deployed to ensure the safety of players, officials, spectators, and other stakeholders, given the parameter of an international sporting event.

For each World Cup, a Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is formed in the host country. This committee is responsible for coordinating with the ICC and managing the day-to-day aspects of the tournament. The ICC collaborates with various event management organizations to plan and execute the tournament. This includes logistics, venue selection, ticketing, hospitality, and other aspects of event planning.

A team of match officials, including umpires and match referees, is appointed for each match. Umpires are responsible for on-field decisions, while match referees ensure that the game is played within the spirit of fair play and in accordance with the rules.

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The crew behind ICC World Cup 2023 matches involves a collaborative effort from various entities, each contributing to the success of the event. Specific details for the 2023 edition would be available closer to or during the event itself. Khabri Media team expresses gratitude with a heartfelt thankfulness for making such grand event a huge success and congratulating Indian team on reaching the finals.

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