ChatGPT helps find spouse from matches on a Dating App

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The AI bot implemented filters to prioritize communication with women deemed compatible for live conversations, streamlining the matchmaking process.

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Looks like, when you have tried your best at dating (both online and offline) and even your friends couldn’t set you up with the person of your dreams, AI tool like ChatGPT could come to your rescue. 

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A Russian man recently shared his unconventional journey to finding love, revealing that he utilized OpenAI’s AI chatbot ChatGPT to assist him in his quest for a life partner.

Alexander Zhadan took to social media platform X to disclose his experience, detailing how he leveraged the ‘assistance’ to navigate through over 5,000 matches on a popular dating app Tinder.

The Case History

Zhadan, a software developer came out of a two-year relationship in 2021 and wanted someone new to share his emotions with.

He tried Tinder and even went on a few dates with women from Moscow and St. Petersburg but due to certain “characteristics” like drinking a lot and emotional swings, he couldn’t match up his feelings with any of the women.

It was then that he decided to use ChatGPT. On the basis of his chat history, ChatGPT re-communicated with 5239 girls, whom it eliminated from its system and left only one, which it thinks could be the perfect match for Zhadan.

The Process

At first, there were challenges as the system was not acquainted with his way of speaking, and it would produce immature responses.

But over time, he managed to train the bot to communicate with women in a manner that reflected his speech patterns.

The artificial intelligence bot successfully filtered out incorrect matches before finally settling on his now wife, Karina.

Zhadan also made a set of rules for ChatGPT when scanning through Tinder profiles of women. He filtered out girls profiles, using the ChatGPT and FlutterFlow APIs, with less than 2 photos, with written zodiac signs, and profiles without a questionnaire.

The Reason

Zhadan said he chose this way to find a partner because “finding a loved one is very difficult”. “I want to have time to work, do hobbies, study, and communicate with people. I could go this route myself without ChatGPT, it’s just much longer and more expensive,” he said.

The responses generated by ChatGPT were so organic, that Karina never realised that initially that she had been talking to an AI bot, as per reports. Zhadan eventually told the truth to Karina, to which she reacted calmly. 

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