Google unveils its Old AI with a New Name

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With ‘Ultra’ mode at its core, the advanced AI tool is geared to perform complex tasks across various modalities, including text, images, audio, video, and code.

In a significant move that could reshape the landscape of conversational AI, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has officially confirmed the introduction of subscription plans for its upcoming advanced chatbot, Bard Advance. To subscribe please click and access our live channel.

The announcement was made during the fourth-quarter earnings call, where Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai shed light on the company’s strategy to capitalize on the growing demand for premium AI services.

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Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai on Thursday announced the next chapter in the company’s AI journey, saying Bard will now simply be called Gemini.

It’s available in 40 languages on the web, and is coming to a new Gemini app on Android and on the Google app on iOS.

The enhanced AI tool is set to be powered by the groundbreaking Gemini Ultra architecture, a component of Google’s multimodal AI system Gemini, which made its debut in December last year.

The version with Ultra will be called Gemini Advanced, a new experience far more capable at reasoning, following instructions, coding, and creative collaboration.

People can start using Gemini Advanced by subscribing to the new Google One AI Premium plan. It will be a paid experience, available through a new $20 Google One tier (with a two-month-long free trial) that also includes 2TB of storage and access to Gemini in Google Workspace apps like Docs, Slides, Sheets and Meet.

Gemini is evolving to be more than just the models. The largest model Ultra 1.0 is the first to outperform human experts on MMLU (massive multitask language understanding), which uses a combination of 57 subjects — including math, physics, history, law, medicine and ethics — to test knowledge and problem-solving abilities.

CEO Pichai said, “AI is also now central to two businesses that have grown rapidly in recent years: our Cloud and Workspace services and our popular subscription service Google One, which is just about to cross 100 million subscribers.”

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