Children with ADHD, dyslexia suffer language problems

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The speech or language delays in children with ADHD are often under-recognized and undertreated in child mental health and community settings.

Abnormality in a brain structure linked with movement may be causing the developmental language disorder seen among children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and dyslexia, according to a new study on Friday. To subscribe please click and access our live channel.

The abnormalities occur specifically in the anterior neostriatum within the basal ganglia, a structure found deep in the brain, said neuroscientists at the Georgetown University Medical Center. Their findings can help boost both the diagnosis and treatment of the developmental language difficulties seen in these children.

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What is a Language Skill

Language skills enable an individual to use language at a level of accuracy that conveys meaning in production and comprehension. These skills include both productive and receptive language skills, such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing, and their effective use in a variety of practical contexts.

Language skills are essential for communication and are crucial for navigating personal and professional life. Limited language skills affect a variety of areas, such as behaviours, acquiring knowledge, future occupation, social aspects, and well-being.

The Study

Using a new computational method the team determined that “the anterior neostriatum was abnormal in 100 per cent of the studies that examined the structure, with fewer abnormalities in all other parts of the brain”.

Lead author Michael T. Ullman, Professor of neuroscience and director of the Brain and Language Laboratory at Georgetown said, “We hope that by identifying the neural bases of developmental language difficulties, we may help increase awareness of a major, but also rather unrecognised, disorder.”

Drugs that can improve movement impairments due to basal ganglia dysfunction, such as those that act on dopamine receptors, may aid in treatment. He further noted basal ganglia abnormalities may also serve as early biomarkers potentially leading to early therapy.


Continuing research efforts to further understand the neurobiology of developmental language disorder, especially the role of the basal ganglia, could help the many children who are affected by these problems. It also plays an essential function in early stages of development and in overall cognitive and social progress. 

However, some children may face challenges in acquiring language skills, which can impact their academic performance and social interactions. Two common conditions that can affect language skills in children are ADHD and DLD.

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